Halitosis ölçen halitor
The Halitor is mainly reads oral malodor.
Halitor contains 4 electrochemical sensors, as a portable halitometer.
Halitor reads any odor emitted from the body and it can be used as an olfactometer (checks olfactor perception).
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To understand halitosis.
Halitosis looks like headache. If the patient says there is halitosis in his mouth, then, there is. It is difficult to arithmetically measure halitosis within a scale, like headache.
Gas concentrations of halitosis alter within day even every 120 seconds. It is almost impossible to diagnose Halitosis by once reading  mouth air by a sulfid detector. If this is made, usually wrong, or incomplete diagnose occurs. Halitometers should be used only for
1) confirmation,
2) comparing , and
3) monitoring the therapy of halitosis, but not for a diagnostic purpose alone. The Halitor is produced for these three purposes.

ağız kokusu ölçen cihaz

Why the Halitor is the most qualified halitometer:, what are differenceses from others.?
        1- Other halitometers read only H2S and sulfurous gases, but halitosis and body odor does not consist of sulfurous gases. Organic and nitrogen based gases also contribute malodor production. Halitor detects all other gases too. We need this.
        2- Halitor can be switched to 2 position, reading and zeroing. reading takes 1 minute only. Other halitometers 3,8 or more minutes are required. The second position is for zeroing. This takes seconds. One of most populer halitometer requires even half an hour to reurn normal reading position by zeroing.
        3- Front panel of Halitor is lighted whle other halitometers are not.
        4- Halitor is designed user friendly by a dentist, not by other (commercially working) people. Only a dental professional can know what a doctor needs while reading halitosis. Very thin details are thought. For instance, air pump entrance is at right side to provide maximum comfort. Angle of the box is adjustable according to dctor's eyes. Many many more successful details added.
        5- Olfactometers reads odor prception thershold of the patient. Halitor can do this. No other halitometers can.
       6- EVERY halitometers fail when it accidentally aspirates saliva into the internal electronic instruments and sensor circuits. But Halitor does not. ! Because Halitor contains air filter to stop saliva. This is the first, worldwide.
halitosis halitor

How to use [user-manual]
Start Halitor by pressing power button at rear panel. Wait 30 minute one time for a daily use. Connect air pipe and straw. Press strat button. 4 gas sensor begin to show gas concentrations. Insert to the location wherever ypu need to read malodor. Wait until you satisfy to read . Press end button. Last reading values are kept on the screen until you press zero button. After you note the values, press zero button. Pump will work very high speed to clean sensors. It will be ready within seconds.

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